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Third Incarnation Vishnu-Varaha Avatar

Varaha Avatar

Story of Varaha Avatar

VARAHA Avatar, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu who emerged as a Varaha (boar) in the world.

A demon Hiranyaksha prayed to please Lord Brahma, and gained a boon that neither man nor god nor beast could kill him anyhow. But somehow the name of boar was missing from the list of beasts. This proved to be his big lacunae.

Hiranyaksha then began a movement of plunder crossways the Universe. He pushed the whole world to the under of the sea or the Pataal loka. The Vedas, the Holy Scriptures were stolen by him from the Lord Brahma, while he was asleep and performing enormous atrocities.

For this reason, to get back the Vedas and to keep the world on safer side the Lord Vishnu assumed the role of a Varaha (boar). Then Lord Vishnu in a form of Boar used its two tusks and brought out the earth from the under of the ocean.

The battle between the boar and Hiranyaksha took so many years, approximately thousand years but at last Boar (Varaha) won. Lord Vishnu defeated Hiranyaksha and then killed him.

Lord Vishnu in a Varaha (boar) form represented himself as being anthropomorphic or either purely animal as it had man’s body but boar’s head. He retrieved the all Vedas from the demon (asura) and put it to the safely in the custody of the Lord Brahma.

In the form of Varaha, had four arms, from which the two hands hold the wheel and conch-shell. Other two hands hold mace and lotus (or sword). That was the really very nice posture in blessing form. The entire earth was held only supported by boar’s tusks.

This incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Varaha avtar represents the restoration of the earth from a deluge (pralaya) and the constitution of a new cycle (kalpa).

This boar incarnation is to be considered to establish a creation myth.

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