Sunday, August 22, 2010

About GOD with full form

Hindu GODs

Full form of GOD and About God

G - Generator = The God Brahma, creator of the entire universe
O- Operator = The God Vishnu, one who sustains or looks after the whole universe
D- Destroyer = The God Shiva (Maheshwar) the power of his 3rd eye.

They are also known as Trinity or Trimurti or Tridev or simply as Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva.

The God is infinite - in regards to strength, space and time
The God is eternal (ultimate), The God is everywhere who does everything.
The God has no form of physical and his nature is totally beyond our conception.

The essence of worship is the belief that God has a number of physical form or nature that we can understand.

G - Generator = The God

O- Operator = The God Vishnu

D- Destroyer = The God Shiva (Maheshwar)

What The GOD does...
The God creates everything.
The God controls everything.
The God knows everything.

What The GOD does not do...

The God does not make any mistakes.
The God does not have contradictory emotions.
The God does not cause (basis) pain unjustly.


  1. A very thorough and concise post. Nice.

  2. it really helpful thank you so much for giving me this information

  3. it really helpful thank you so much for giving me this information

  4. Lord Shiva, the Destroyer ” among the Trinity gods in terms of divine. “ The Auspicious One ”, “ Mahadev ”, “ Shankar ”, “ Maheshwor ”, and “ Devendra ( Chief of Gods )” are other holy names of Lord Shiva. Mahadev has always been regarded as one of the primary forms of Gods . All three Gods of Trinity have their own purpose or rather what they are capable of. Lord Brahma is also known as Creator , following Lord Shiva known as The Destroyer and Lord Vishnu as The preserver .