Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sixth Incarnation Vishnu-Parshuram Avtar

Parshuram Avtar

Story of Parshuram Avtar

PARASHURAMA Avatar, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who incarnates himself as an angry brahmana or priest in the world.

PARASHURAMA was emerged in the universe for the exceptional purpose regarding to brahmans and kshatriyas. In Tretayuga, all kshatriyas had become very arrogant and were repressing the all brahmans, therefore he strong-willed to revenge and protect the all brahmans from Kshatriyas in the universe.

PARASHURAMA who was a son of saint Jamadagni and Renuka, belonged to the Brighu clan (gotra). He was a fervent devotee of Lord Shiva from whom he blessed with an axe after his strong penance (devotion) therefore Parashurama preferred to preserve an axe presented by Lord Shiva. Parashurama is immortal ( Chiranjeevi ).

One day when PARASHURAMA was not at home, Kartavirya-arjuna who was a powerful king, visited to Jamadagni's home with his army once. Saint Jamadagni welcomed them with loyal heart and fed them all by offering milk and foods through his divine cow-Kamadhenu and the King was satisfied with the meal. Jamadagni's cow-Kamadhenu was really almighty as it had the capability to provide endless food according to the desire.

When King Kartavirya-arjuna saw this miracle, he surprised and thought about to bring that cow into his palace. So he demanded to saint Jamadagni to take Kamdhenu with him but Saint Jamadagni refused as Kamdhenu was needed to him in his all religious ceremonies.  The king got angry and ordered his soldiers to snatch Kamadhenu cow which was supposed to give eternal quantity of milk and food.

Jamadagni was enraged as king’s soldiers took away Kamadhenu, therefore he brought Kamadhenu back by killing the King. When King’s son came to know this, he turned to Jamadagni’s home and killed him. On hearing this all things, Parashurama was much angered and went for revenge of his father’s death and killed the whole clan of Kartavirya-arjuna and all kshatriyas in 21 battles.

Parashurama who destroyed all the kings and got release all brahamans from suppression of kings, was really a great worrier and solid incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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