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Fifth Incarnation Vishnu-Vamana Avtar

Vamana Avtar

Story of Vamana Avtar

, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who emerged in a form of Dwarf priest ( Vaman-brahmin ) in the world and also known as Upendra.

In Tretayuga, a brave ruler named Bali who was so powerful demon was the grandson of Prahlada. King Bali was not only a valorous (bold) but also mightily demon (asura). King Bali had conquered the entire universe by his self-penance and power.

King Bali was the great ruler of the universe ( three worlds ) and inclined to continue his domination. Bali attempted to cement his image and place as a ruler; he conducted a grand ceremony in a series of yajnas ( sacrifice or prayer ).

Lord Indra and other gods feared about this as it would happen then King Bali and all demons (asuras) would conquer the entire universe means all the three worlds. Therefore he went to Lord Vishnu and requested to assist them.

As Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe, to get the rid from this trouble he incarnated himself as a Dwarf (Vamana) in the household of a priest (brahmana). He went to Bali’s place where he was performing his last yajna and asked for alms.

Though Bali was little confused about his look but was so delighted for the presence of such a saintly being. King said Vamana that anything for alms would be offered and fulfilled whatever he wished. Though his priest warned him that he was Lord Vishnu in that form and also got aware about the tangle of Lord Vishnu but he didn’t move a little from his offer.

then asked for the quantity of land about his three feet only. First Bali laughed for his proposal but then agreed gracefully. Asuraguru Sukracharya got angered and again warned King Bali that Vamana was MahaVishnu in reality and he came again to defeat all demons (asuras) in race but King invoked his and agreed for Vaman’s alms. 

In no time, God Vishnu grew in size and covered the entire earth in one feet and heaven in two feet (strides). And then asked about where he covered his third feet. King Bali assured him for alms whatever his desire therefore due to the lack of space and in order to keep his promise, he offered his head for third feet.  Then Vamana put his third leg on Bali’s head and defeated him totally and this way Lord Vishnu helped the Gods out.

pleased by his strong determination and keeping his promise and then took his actual form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu named him as “King Mahabali” as he was great soul (Mahatma). Lord Vishnu ordered him to go back to the spiritual sky (means the Patal loka or underground world) and declared that King Mahabali would rule over the Universe in subsequent Yuga. 

The fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a Dwarf (Vamana) was really great.

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