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Eighth Incarnation Vishnu-Krishna Avtar

Krishna Avtar

The Story of KRISHNA Avatar

KRISHNA Avatar, is the eighth incarnation Lord Vishnu with his brother “Balarama” in the form of cowherd as KRISHNA who had played a vital role as a central character in the epic MAHABHARATA in the era of “Dwaparyuga”. In the major epic of Indian legends a countless of topics are covered, including brotherhood, love, war, politics etc.

It is basically the story of two warring groups of cousin brothers, the PANDAVAs and the KAURAVAs. During the war, as a main part of the Mahabahrata, KRISHNA gives a long discussion to his disciple ARJUNA that communally termed as “Bhagvad-Gita” in that he repeated his words again as he is a preserver of the Universe.

He said,
“Whenever Dharma, the situation of law and order is endangered on this world, I incarnate onto this world to re establish Dharma, truth, law and order; protect the Sadhus, sages or saints and destroy the evil elements of the earth.”

During his child-hood, Krishna became a slayer of King Kansa.  As Krishna was so charm, he captivated to all by playing flute including Gopikaas that’s why he is considered to be an ultimate Playboy but he spread the message of love and humankind. Lord Krishna, the perfect incarnation of Lord Vishnu also famed as "Shyam" according his names meaning: Krishna-black as well as charming (attractive).

This was differ than Ramayan as Mahabharata conducts with more, down to the earth issues such as human weaknesses, politics, human nature and moreover does not effort to idealize the noble characters as in Ramayan.

Lord Krishna
is the most worshiped deity and great incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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