Friday, August 27, 2010

List of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Hindu Deities - Gods and Goddesses Image

About Hindu Gods and Goddesses-Hindu Deities

India is the great country and one of the most religiously varied nation in the entire world. India has been playing a vital role with religion in the lives of most Indians. In India is considered as one of the oldest, most religious and idealistic systems in the world as there are 80% people who are Hindus.

The Hindu Pantheon of Gods and goddesses is so vast. In India, there are 330 millions or more Gods and Goddesses in Hindu religion. All the Hindu gods and goddesses have their own and extra ordinary images and deities to represent.

The Hindu sacred scriptures were eloquent or smooth-spoken while drawing the qualities of God and describing briefly. The all Hindu gods and goddesses are all powerful and all-knowing. They are very personification of love, beauty and justice. They are ever ready to show their mercy, grace and blessings on their creation.   

Indian Hindu Gods and Goddesses picture

The main Hindu Gods
as we worship and accept today can be broadly classified as

Shiva Gods --  Siva including His consort, His sons, His other forms
Vaishnava Gods -- Vishnu including His consort, His various incarnations and
Sakthi or Saktha  --  Forms of Goddess Sakthi

According to the Rig Veda, we can know of the Vedic Gods

Eight Vasus,

Eleven Rudras,
Twelve Adityas,
Indra and Prajapathi,

Being the Gods of all -- the earth, the space and
the heavens.   

But in reality, in Rig Veda - lore of the verses, counts numerous Vedic Gods.
Vedic priests believed in rituals and ceremonies which were mostly offered to appease these all Gods. It is true that no one Vedic God or particular one God has been considered as the Supreme God.

In fact, all different Gods and goddesses have been considered as Supreme and ultimate at different times, attributing the qualities and powers of one to another.

Apart from Gods and goddesses who have been attributed specific qualities, characteristics, several inanimate objects, emotions and the various forms of nature had also been sacred and worshipped most probably.  

All Hindu Gods and Goddesses Image

The earliest accepted Gods are

-- the sky father  

Prithivi mata -- the earth mother
Vayu -- the wind God
Parjanya -- the rain God
Surya -- the sun God
Varuna -- the God of oceans
Agni -- the fire God
Indra -- the war God
Soma -- the God of speech, deity of soma creeper
Ushas -- the Goddess of dawn  
Yama -- the God of death
Adityas -- a group of deities, who are six in number in the Rig Veda, eight in most of the Brahmanas and twelve in the Satapatha Brahmana
Aswini -- twin Deities
Rudras -- eight in number
Vasus -- eight in number 
Visvedevas -- ten in number
Nakshatra -- The Constellations or stars
Space -- Antariksha
Sky -- Dyaus


But these all Gods are classified as under


The great and chief Hindu Gods
Hindu Trinity Gods-Tridev

The names are

God Brahma –- creator of the entire universe
God Vishnu – The preserver of the Universe
God Shiva – The destroyer and has the power of his 3rd eye

The great and chief Hindu Goddesses
Hindu Trinity Goddesses –Tridevi

The names are

Goddess Saraswati -- The consort of God Brahma, the goddess for knowledge
Goddess Laxmi –- The Consort of God Vishnu and the goddess of wealth, delight, beauty     and love.
Goddess Parvati -- The consort of God Shiva and the goddess of transformation, power and destruction.

The God and Goddess incarnation

Sati Maa -- the form of Goddess Parvati
Durga Maa -- the form of Goddess Parvati and the energy of mother
Kali Mata -- having the destructive power and harmful energy
The Mahadevi -- the powerful form of Shakti
Sita Mata -- the consort of Lord Rama
Rukmani -- the consort of Lord Krishna
Radha -- the divine devotee and fan of Lord Krishna
Ganga Mata -- the holy river
Yamuna Maa -- the holy river
Gayatri Maa -- the goddess of learning
Santoshi Maa -- the goddess
Mata Vishnodevi -- the goddess
Maa Annpurna -- the goddess of Harvests
God Rama -- the seventh incarnation of God Vishnu
God Krishna -- the eighth incarnation of God Vishnu
God Bhirav -- the strong and powerful incarnation of God Shiva

The Most 10 Incarnation of God Vishnu

Matsya Avatar -- Vishnu as a fish
Kurma Avatar -- Vishnu as a tortoise
Varaha Avatar -- Vishnu as a boar
Narasimha Avatar –- Vishnu the half lion-half man)
Vamana Avatar –- Vishnu as in form of the dwarf
Parasurama Avatar –- Vishnu as brahaman’s son - Rama with an axe
Rama Avatar –- Vishnu as the prince of Ayodhya
Krishna Avatar  -- Vishnu as in black tribal
Buddha Avatar –- Vishnu as form of the completely enlightened one
Kalki Avatar –- Vishnu --  the incarnation to come in future

Sons and Relatives

Ganesh -- son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati
Kartikeya  --  Subramaynan, Shanmuga -- son of Shiva and Parvati
Krishna -- son of Vasudeva and younger brother of Balarama
Balarama – Elder brother of Lord Krishna
Hanuman  -- son of Vayu

Vasudeva  -- The father of Lord Krishna

The Hindu Cosmic Trinity or Vedic Gods

Surya – The god of energy or life
Agni – The god of fire
Vayu – The god of air

The other Hindu Vedic or Lesser Gods

(the dew) : God of the dawn and the charioteer of the sun (son of Vinata and the wise Kasyapa.

Ganga- personification of the holy river
Gayatri- personification of the Vedic hymn
Hanuman- the monkey god - devotee of Rama
Indra- King of the abode of gods
Kamdeva- god of love
Kubera- god of wealth
Manu – the Hindu Noah
Narada- the wandering seer who features in almost all the Puranas
Rudra – the god of storms
Sanjna -  the god of conscience and the wife of SURYA (sun)
Soma- the moon god
Varuna- the god of oceans
Vishwakarma- the divine architect of the universe
Yama- the god of death

Celestial beings

Apsaras- beautiful ladies, who dance in the court of Indra and names RAMBHA,
Gandharvas- celestial musicians who play in the court of Indra
Kinnaras- mythical beings, with a body of a man and head of a horse
Siddhas- classes of spirits of great purity and holiness
Yaksha- the guardians of wealth and attendants of Kubera

In Hindu mythology, Animals have also a special place.

Main Animal Deities

SHESHNAG or ANANTA -- the infinite - the king of Nagas, vehicle of Vishnu or the
bed on which Vishnu rests
KAMADHENU --- the cow of plenty
GARUDA -- the king of birds - half man and half eagle or vulture, vehicle of Vishnu
AIRAVATA -- the elephant - vehicle of Indra

The other various Animal Deities in Hindu Mythology

AKUPARA-the tortoise - on which Earth or Prithvi rests
ANTELOPE--- vehicle of Vayu and Chandra
ARVA --- mythical being half horse and half bird - one of the horses of the moon
BUFFALO --- vehicle of Yama
CERBURA --- the three headed infernal dog of the Krishna legend
CROW --- vehicle of Shani
DOG and HORSE --- vehicle of Shiva as Bhairava
JAMBAVANT ---  the king of bears - ally of Rama
MAKARA or JALAMPA --- the mythical sea monster - vehicle of Varuna (god of water)
MOUSE --- vehicle of Ganesha
NANDI --- the bull - vehicle of Shiva and Parvati
PARAVANI --- the peacock - vehicle of Kartikeya
PARROT --- vehicle of Kamadeva
RAM --- the he-goat - vehicle of Agni
SARAMA --- dog of Indra
SWAN --- vehicle of Saraswati and Brahma
TARKSHYA --- winged horse personifying the sun
TIGER and LION --- vehicle of Parvati as Kali and Durga
UCHCHAIH-SRAVAS --- the eight headed king of horses produced during the churning
of oceans

It is less to describe about the list of Hindu Gods Goddesses but here most of all has been covered.


  1. Barkha-I like your blog a lot. I appreciate your intelligence and dedication plus the time it must have taking you to categorize and explain the heirarchy of Hindu Gods and Goddesses of Heaven, Earth and all the Elements. Thank You for your time. Rick

    btw: I am a follower of Meher Baba who I consider to be the incarnation of Kalki Avatar.

  2. True... Kalki avatar of Vishnu shall be a lethal combination of man god and Chanakya (the most able administrator in the history of mankind)! Advent of Kalki Avatar is expected around 2012~2014

  3. Hi Barkha
    I first of all wants to congratulate you for creating an short yet Informative blog.
    I wnated to highlight some points for your further study. Please dont mind for English spellings if they are wrong. Hope u understand.
    1) Naturally occurring things like Sky, Water, Earth, etc. how can be in the list of Gods. When they are created by some one else how they cannot be God? The God will be Who created these things.
    2) Creater - Preserver - Destroyer how can be three different enteties? Because who creates only knows how to use and preserve and distroy it? u can take example of any general product like computer or any thing else. U will get an answer.
    3) Incarnations and God of activites like Harvest, etc can not be possible. An activity is action. How can an action be God. An action ends at some stage. Do u want to say God will end?
    4) Son and Relatives: If God has sons or relatives then it is obvious that God's Love and power will be divided between Them and the rest of the thinghs like we people, animals, plants, etc. Then how can God do justice if whole of God was not available to the others? Then do u want to say that God is injust?
    5)How can there be a Greater God and Lesser God? If god is for all of the creatures of the universe and he treats every one in same manner then how can it be that Gods are of lesser importance? is it that some people are given less oxygen to breath and some more? If this distinction is not done by God for humans how there can be lesser gods?
    6) Galaxies, Stars, Constallations, Moons, Animals on the planets will die some day or after specific time. They cannot be God.

    * God should be the most powerful
    * God should not die
    * God should not need Humanly things like Sleep, Food, Wife, Son, Daughter, Vehical, etc.
    * God should be present every where

    Hope you understand my questions. I want you to again research the concept of God. Try for some thing else.

    May God give you wisedom. God Bless you.

    1. Hi Zafar,

      I here you, you are right from your side of ONE GOD theory.

      When the theory say GOD is ONE and above all creatures there is no comparison to it.

      However in Hindu mythology GOD is whom you worship,
      and they have given various forms. If you combine all this forms, incarnations etc (The Creator, perservor & Distroyer) theory = ONE GOD.

      Though different religion have different theory, but we should respect them accept it as being part of Global Pluralistic Society.

      Questions are good but they should not be to change someones views, it should be to understand them and learning purpose only.

      Hope you don't mind me replying for your questions.

      Peace and brotherhood is all I mean from my reply.

    2. Dear Zafar...
      Firstly it might help you to understand the limitation of the English language which conceptually can not differentiate "God" from "gods".
      In Abrahamic concepts, God is seen as an entity, whereas in Indic religions, God is simply a concept which can be worshipped in any form as seems convenient and acceptable- therefore the concept of the "Isht Devta". Thus, all of these are forms which can be worshipped, while leading to the same supreme Godhead.
      Hope that has shown SOME wisdom

  4. Barkha thanks for sharing of your knowledge of Gods & Goddess.

    I being a muslim but still have interest in various religions mythologies (Indian, Greek, Egyptian, etc) . Your blog has help me increased my knowledge more.

    Thanks a lot and keep doing the good work.

  5. I think the article shared by you is really good ,as a lot of information about the deity has been provided.I got to know a lot from this article which I was not aware of earlier...So keep the good work and keep on updating this blog regularly...
    Provide me some info about Ganesha

  6. Replies
    1. Actually, hanuman the mighty is already given above.. And great job barkha.. I really appreciate the time you have spent to create this wonderful blog..

  7. Hi sir thank for given more information about hindu god

  8. this really help's me with my GEOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT on INDIA

  9. Dear all
    i want to add something that if there are so many gods in the universe how should they know there job as you say this for that and this for that they must interoupted in others department .... there is only one god who made this universe... please must read the litratute of other religions and think why god sent you to the world we all will go back to our god oneday he knows better when.... prepare yourself to face the gods questions.

  10. who said u , one day, u will be back to ur god & if it is so then y god created n send u away from him? cant god do his work so he ask to get work done by u?..if there is only one god then who created the god whom u talking about if no one..then is it just imagination of brain? and if god created universe then while creating universe where God used to live b4 creating Universe? some other place which is not universe ryt.. :)

  11. why is that always muslims have problem with us Hindus, this article never mentions anything about islam or even compare or hurts their sentiments but muslims commenting here just want to mock us and create trouble, won't you muslims never leave us alone to live peacefully

  12. So much detailed information.thanks.some of it i never new.

    My blog

  13. Firstly, I would like to thank the author of this blog for taking their time to research and give us this informative read. I'm researching for a book I intend to write and this is a huge help.

    Now let me continue and attempt not to offend anyone here. I am Catholic. I, personal, worship in one god, but that doesn't mean I do not believe there are thousands of other gods and goddesses out there. I believe others interpret god as several or some that choose one god to whom they worship. I'm going to be rather forward when I say this, but it must be said. It is every living persons right to believe and worship to whatever god/s they choose. It is also this authors right to post anything he wishes on HIS blog. I've seen far more offensive and far less informative blogs on the internet and at least he is trying to educate the masses instead of shut them up by forcing his ideals and beliefs onto someone else in a negative manner.

    If you don't believe in Polytheist religions, then shut the page, read whichever bible you choose and stop criticizing others. My God wishes me to love others, and I do so graciously, but there is nothing more frustrating than hearing someone trash talk another over what they love and believe.

    Again, kudos for your amazingly informative post. Have a good night.

  14. Excellent post. Vedic Gods have specific positions and purposes in the administration and maintenance of the material creation, in which case they hold various powers from the Supreme and fulfill certain functions on behalf of the Supreme Being. Thus, one can worship the Supreme Being, knowing full well that everything and all blessings ultimately come from Him, as well as respect the other demigods for assistance in living in this world. Source: Hindu Culture


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  16. may i know from where you find this much information


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