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Incarnation of Lord Vishnu Wallpapers

Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu Wallpaper

Dashavatar Wallpaper

10 incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu Wallpaper

10 incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu Wallpaper

Vishnu-Dashavatar Wallpaper

Wallpaper of Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in different pose 

10 Incarnation of Lord Vishnu Wallpaper

Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Incarnation of Vishnu Images

Dashavtar of Vishnu Image

Incarnation of Vishnu Image

10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu Snap

Dashavatar Incarnation Vishnu Picture

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About Vishnu and his Consort Laxmi

Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi

About Vishnu and his Consort Laxmi

Lord Vishnu
, in his name the word “Vish” comes from Sanskrit root, it means to pervade. He is the second god from Hindu Trinity (Hindu triad-Trimurti) as sustainer or preserver of the entire Universe.

It is said that there was nothing in the existence before the creation of the universe expect water. Due to this Vishnu is said to be the “Cosmic Ocean Nara” means “water” and also called as “Narayan-one who moves on the water”.

Lord Vishnu is depicted as a dark man with four arms holding a Club (Mace), a Conch shell (Shankha), a Discus (Chankra) and a Lotus (Kamal-flower). He is also well-known as “Pitambara” or “one with yellow garments” as he is mostly dressed in yellow colored robes.      

It is said that the holy river Ganga is originated from Lord Vishnu’s feet. God Vishnu is represented as in relaxation form on coiled Snake (Serpent or Ananta or Seshnaga) which floats on the cosmic ocean and also reclining. “Vaikuntha”, made with gold and adorned with jewels, is the dwelling place of Vishnu that is represented in Mahabharata.

Garuda” is considered as his vehicle and “Sudarshana Chakra” is his main weapon including discus and mace.

Vishnu's consort is Devi Lakshmi who is the goddess of fortune and wealth. It is believed that Devi Lakshmi has emerged from the “Samudra Manthan” and considered to be the daughter of saint Bhrigu and Khyati.

Goddess Laxmi
is a fair woman who wears red clothes, and is always depicted as pose of standing or sitting on a red lotus (flower Kamal). She is frequently worshipped by herself as "Sri, Dhana Lakshmi and Bhagya Lakshmi" as the goddess of wealth, good fortune and all things auspicious.

Lord Vishnu and his consort are very famous deities and also widely worshipped. The benefits of the worship detailed in “The Vishnu Purana”. Lord Vishnu 's 1,000 names whose repetition is believed to bring the great worth.

Narayan or Vishnu
is the Supreme Being and also worshipped as “Sri Satyanarayana Dev”.

Lord Vishnu Aarti

Lord Vishnu Idol

Shree Vishnu Aarti

It is believed that Lord Vishnu removes all sorrows and evils as he is revered as a protector. Shree Vishnu Aarti is very popular and is sung by all devotees in the entire country and beyond.

******************* OM JAI JAGDISH******************
Om jai Jagadish Hare, swami jai Jagadish Hare,
Bhakt janon ke sankat, shan men dur kare, 
Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Jo dhyave phal pave, dukh Vinshe man ka,
Sukh sampati ghar ave, kasht mite tan ka,

Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Matpita tum mere sharan gahun main kiski,
Tum bin aur na duja, as karun main jiski,
Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Tum puran Parmatma, tum antaryami,
Parbrahma parmeshvar tum sab ke svami,

Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Tum karuna ke sagar, tum palan karta,
Main murakh khal kami, kripa karo bharta,

Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Tum ho ek agochar, sabe ke pranpati.
kis vidh milun dayamai, tum ko main kumati,

Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Din bandhu dukh harta, tum rakshak mere,
Apne hath uthao, dvar pada main tere, 

Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Vishai vikar mitao, pap haro deva,
Shradha bhakti badhao, santan ki seva, 

Om jai Jagdish Hare...

Tan man dhan jo kuchh hai, sab hi hai tera,
Tera tujhko arpan, kya laga mera, 
Om jai Jagdish Hare...

**********OM NAMO BHAGVATE VASUDEVAY**********

To listen this Aarti

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Incarnation of Lord Vishnu-Dashavtar


Lord Vishnu is the great protector and restorer of Dharma (moral order). It is said that whenever Darma, the values of truth, order of principles comes under the terror, Lord Vishnu incarnates into the Universe and re-constitute the truth, Dharma, order and law by destroying the evil spirits from the earth and restore the peace.

10 Incarnation of Lord Vishnu - Dashavtar

1. Matsya Avtar (The Fish incarnation)
In the first incarnation, Lord Vishnu emerged in aquatic form (Fish) originated from sea and saved the life of a sage Vaivaswata from flood and retrieve the all Vedas from evil demons. 

2. Kurma Avtar (The Turtle incarnation)
In the second incarnation, Lord Vishnu emerged in Kurma (an amphibian) who had offered his back as a pivot to Mount Mandara for rest and sustained the entire earth on his back by representing the life transition from water to land.

3. Varaha Avatar (The Boar incarnation)
In the third incarnation, Lord Vishnu emerged in boar form (a full fledged terrestrial animal )and retrieved the stolen Veda’s and discharge the Earth from the bottom of the ocean by killing the demon Hiranyaksha.

4. Narasingha Avatar (The Half Lion-Half man incarnation)
In the forth incarnation, Lord Vishnu emerged in a form of a creature who was half-lion and half-man and killed the Hiranyashasipu-demon (brother of Niranyaksha) who blessed with immunity from all attacks and wanted to kill his own son who was great devotee of Lord Vishnu.

5. Vamana Avatar (The Dwarf incarnation)

In the fifth incarnation Lord Vishnu emerged in the form of Dwarf  who killed the demon named Bali who had gained domination over the entire earth and had chased (displaced)the all gods from the paradises. 

6. Parasurama Avatar (The Brahmin warrior incarnation)

In the sixth incarnation Lord Vishnu emerged in a form of Brahmin, a great warrior. He killed the King Kartavirya as he had stolen the holy cow Kamadhenu that could fulfill all wishes. 

7. Ram Avatar ( King incarnation )

In the seventh incanation of Lord Vishnu emerged in the form of great King (having the helm of political control) who killed the demon Ravana (the King of Lanka) as his better half queen Sita was abducted by Ravana.

8. Krishna Avatar (Cowherd boy incarnation )

In the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu emerged in the form of Cowherd’s boy who killed Kansa-King of Mathura. It was his most prominent incarnation with the ideal person and leading role in Mahabharat as a matured philosophical strategist and intellectual.

9. Buddha Avatar
In the ninth incarnation Lord Vishnu emerged in a form of Buddha who removed suffering from the Universe. It is considered but have not been worshipped directly to him as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

10. Kalki Maitreya Avtar
This is the tenth and last incarnation of Lord Vishnu but not emerged yet and
will mark the end of all evil in the universe. It is said that in this incarnation he would be appeared as seated on a white horse. It is a weird figure which flies like a bird run like a horse and spits fire burning everything which comes in its way. As per mythology this destructive animal has the mission of putting an end to the whole universe. (a man on a white horse)---

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Vishnu Sahasranamavali

Lord Vishnu

About “Vishnu Sahasranamavali“

The “Vishnu Sahasranama” is authored by a great saint named “Sri Veda Vyasa” and everyone can found the all Vishnu Sahasranama in the grand epic “Mahabharata”. Load Vishnu is the preserver and supreme God in all Gods.

According to Purana, there are exactly 1031 names of Lord Vishnu in the ‘Sahasranama’ but here only 1011 names of lord Vishnu. Some repetitions may be there also.

These mantras of glory are generally used. As it’s impossible to chant these mantras daily, but it’s depends on the devotees whenever to chant this. Most probably the devotees do tuning everyday; some other persons wish to chant at least on eclipse days, on their birthdays or on that day when sun moves from one zodiac to another.

It would be great benefit to anyone who chants these mantras regularly. Whenever the troubles or difficulties happen or arise acoording to the position of stars, planets, incurable diseases, anger of rulers, and ruthless enemies etc. that can be reduced or warding by sastras. It gives you the peace of mind and purifies or refreshes your mind to gain extra inner bearing for meditation.

|| Vishnu Sahasranaamavali ||

1.    OM Achyutaya Namaha
2.    OM Anantaya Namaha
3.    OM Govindaya Namaha
4.    OM Keshavaya Namaha
5.    OM Narayanaya Namaha
6.    OM Madhavaya Namaha
7.    OM Govindaya Namaha
8.    OM Vishnave Namaha
9.    OM Madhusoodanaya Namaha
10.    OM Trivikramaya Namaha
11.    OM Vamanaya Namaha
12.    OM Sridharaya Namaha
13.    OM Rishikeshaya Namaha
14.    OM Padmanabhaya Namaha
15.    OM Damodharaya Namaha
16.    OM Sri Vedavyasa rishihi Anushtup Chandhaha Vishwaroopo Mahavishnu        
17.    OM Vishwasmai Namaha
18.    OM Vishnave Namaha
19.    OM Vasatkaaraya Namaha
20.    OM Bhoota Bhavya Bhavat Prabhave Namaha
21.    OM Bhootakrite Namaha
22.    OM Bhootabhrite Namaha
23.    OM Bhavaya Namaha
24.    OM Bhootatmane Namaha
25.    OM Bhootha Bhavanaya Namaha
26.    OM Bhootatmane Namaha
27.    OM Paramatmane Namaha
28.    OM Mrukthanam Paramaye gataye Namaha
29.    OM Avyayaya Namaha
30.    OM Purushaya Namaha
31.    OM Saakshine Namaha
32.    OM Kshetragnaaya Namaha
33.    OM Aksharaaya Namaha
34.    OM Yogaaya Namaha
35.    OM Yoganidaam Netre Namaha
36.    OM Pradhaanapurusheshwaraaya Namaha
37.    OM Narasimhavapushe Namaha
38.    OM Shreemate Namaha
39.    OM Keshavaaya Namaha
40.    OM Purushottamaaya Namaha
41.    OM Sarvasmai Namaha
42.    OM Sharvaaya Namaha
43.    OM Shivaaya Namaha
44.    OM Sthanave Namaha
45.    OM Bhootadaye Namaha
46.    OM Nidhaye Avyayaaya Namaha
47.    OM Sambhavaaya Namaha
48.    OM Bhavanaaya Namaha
49.    OM Bhartre Namaha
50.    OM Prabhavaaya Namaha
51.    OM Prabhave Namaha
52.    OM Eashwaraaya Namaha
53.    OM Swayambhuve Namaha
54.    OM Shambhave Namaha
55.    OM Aadityaaya Namaha
56.    OM Pushkaraakshaaya Namaha
57.    OM Mahaaswanaaya Namaha
58.    OM Anaadinidaanaaya Namaha
59.    OM Dhaatre Namaha
60.    OM Vidhaatre Namaha
61.    OM Dhaaturuttamaay Namaha
62.    OM Aprameyaaya Namaha
63.    OM Hrishikeshaaya Namaha
64.    OM Padmanaabhaya Namaha
65.    OM Amarprabhave Namaha
66.    OM Vishwakarmane Namaha
67.    OM Manave Namaha
68.    OM Twastre Namaha
69.    OM Sthavishtaaya Namaha
70.    OM Sthaviraaya Dhruvaaya Namaha
71.    OM Agraahhya Namaha
72.    OM Shaashwataaya Namaha
73.    OM Krishnaaaya Namaha
74.    OM Lohitaakshaaya Namaha
75.    OM Pratardanaaya Namaha
76.    OM Prabhutaaya Namaha
77.    OM Trikakubdhamne Namaha
78.    OM Pavithraaya Namaha
79.    OM Mangalaaya Parasmai Namaha
80.    OM Eashaanaaya Namaha
81.    OM Praanadaaya Namaha
82.    OM Praanaaya Namaha
83.    OM Jyeshtaaya Namaha
84.    OM Shreshtaaya Namaha
85.    OM Prajaapataye Namaha
86.    OM Hiranyagarbhaaya Namaha
87.    OM Bhoogarbhaaya Namaha
88.    OM Maadhavaaya Namaha
89.    OM Madhusoodhanaaya Namaha
90.    OM Eashwaraaya Namaha
91.    OM Vikramine Namaha
92.    OM Dhanvine Namaha
93.    OM Medhavine Namaha
94.    OM Vikramaaya Namaha
95.    OM Kramaaya Namaha
96.    OM Anuttamaaya Namaha
97.    OM Durradharshaaya Namaha
98.    OM Kritagnaaya Namaha
99.    OM Kritaye Namaha
100.    OM Aatmavate Namaha
101.    OM Sureshaaya Namaha
102.    OM Sharanaaya Namaha
103.    OM Sharmane Namaha
104.    OM Vishwaretasseh Namaha
105.    OM Prajabhavaaya Namaha
106.    OM Ahne Namaha
107.    OM Samvatsaraaya Namaha
108.    OM Vyaalaaya Namaha
109.    OM Pratyayaya Namaha
110.    OM Sarvadarshanaaya Namaha
111.    OM Ajaaya Namaha
112.    OM Sarveshwaraaya Namaha
113.    OM Siddhaaya Namaha
114.    OM Siddhaye Namaha
115.    OM Savadiye Namaha
116.    OM Achyutaaya Namaha
117.    OM Vrishakapaye Namaha
118.    OM Ameyatmane Namaha
119.    OM Sarvayogavinihsritaaya Namaha
120.    OM Vasave Namaha
121.    OM Vasumanase Namaha
122.    OM Satyaya Namaha
123.    OM Samatmane Namaha
124.    OM Sammitaaya Namaha
125.    OM Samaaya Namaha
126.    OM Amoghaaya Namaha
127.    OM Pundareekakshaaya Namaha
128.    OM Vrishakarmane Namaha
129.    OM Vrishaakritaye Namaha
130.    OM Rudraaya Namaha
131.    OM Bahusirase Namaha
132.    OM Babhruve Namaha
133.    OM Vishvayonaye Namaha
134.    OM SuchiSravase Namaha
135.    OM Amritaaya Namaha
136.    OM SaswathSthanave Namaha
137.    OM Vararohaaya Namaha
138.    OM Mahatapase Namaha
139.    OM Sarvagaaya Namaha
140.    OM Sarvavidvaanave Namaha
141.    OM Viswaksenaaya Namaha
142.    OM Janaardanaaya Namaha
143.    OM Vedaaya Namaha
144.    OM Vedavide Namaha
145.    OM Avyangaaya Namaha
146.    OM Vedaangaya Namaha
147.    OM Vedavide Namaha
148.    OM Kavaye Namaha
149.    OM Lokadyakshaaya Namaha
150.    OM Suradyakshaaya Namaha
151.    OM Darmadyakshaaya Namaha
152.    OM Kritakritaaya Namaha
153.    OM Chaturatmane Namaha
154.    OM Chaturvuehaaya Namaha
155.    OM Chaturdrishtaaya Namaha
156.    OM Chaturbhujaaya Namaha
157.    OM Bhraajishnaave Namaha
158.    OM Bhojanaaya Namaha
159.    OM Bhoktre Namaha
160.    OM Sahishnave Namaha
161.    OM Jagadaadijaaya Namaha
162.    OM Anadhaaya Namaha
163.    OM Vijayaaya Namaha
164.    OM Jaitre Namaha
165.    OM Viswayonaye Namaha
166.    OM Punarvasave Namaha
167.    OM Upendraaya Namaha
168.    OM Vaamanaaya Namaha
169.    OM Praamshave Namaha
170.    OM Amoghaaya Namaha
171.    OM Shuchaye Namaha
172.    OM Oorjithaaya Namaha
173.    OM Ateendraaya Namaha
174.    OM Sangrahaaya Namaha
175.    OM Sagayi Namaha
176.    OM Dritaatmane Namaha
177.    OM Niyamaye Namaha
178.    OM Yamahaya Namaha
179.    OM Vedya-aya Namaha
180.    OM Vaidya-aya Namaha
181.    OM Sadayogine Namaha
182.    OM Virdhne Namaha
183.    OM Maadhavaya Namaha
184.    OM Madhve Namaha
185.    OM Athinidraya-aya Namaha
186.    OM Mahamaya-aya Namaha
187.    OM Mahotsahaya Namaha
188.    OM Mahabalaya Namaha
189.    OM Buddheye Namaha
190.    OM Mahaviryaya Namaha
191.    OM Shakthye Namaha
192.    OM Mahadhutheya Namaha
193.    OM Anirdhashyavapushe Namaha
194.    OM Shrimate Namaha
195.    OM Ameyatmane Namaha
196.    OM Mahadridhagge Namaha
197.    OM Maheshvasaya Namaha
198.    OM Mahibratre Namaha
199.    OM Shrinivasaya Namaha
200.    OM Santhgathye Namaha
201.    OM Aniruddhaye Namaha
202.    OM Suranandhaya Namaha
203.    OM Govindaya Namaha
204.    OM Govindaa Pataye Namaha
205.    OM Marichaye Namaha
206.    OM Damanaya Namaha
207.    OM Hansaya Namaha
208.    OM Suparanaya Namaha
209.    OM Bhujagothamaaya Namaha
210.    OM Hiranyanaabhaya Namaha
211.    OM Sutapase Namaha
212.    OM Padmanaabhaya Namaha
213.    OM Prajapathaye Namaha
214.    OM Amrityave Namaha
215.    OM Sarvadgasho Namaha
216.    OM Simahaya Namaha
217.    OM Sandhotre Namaha
218.    OM Sandhimate Namaha
219.    OM Sthitaraya Namaha
220.    OM Ajaaya Namaha
221.    OM Durmarshanaya Namaha
222.    OM Shastre Namaha
223.    OM Vishrutatmane Namaha
224.    OM Surarigne Namaha
225.    OM Gurave Namaha
226.    OM Gurutamaya Namaha
227.    OM Dhaamne Namaha
228.    OM Sathyaya Namaha
229.    OM Satyaparaakamaaya Namaha
230.    OM Nimishaya Namaha
231.    OM Animishaya Namaha
232.    OM Strgvino Namaha
233.    OM Vaachaspataye Udhardhiye Namaha
234.    OM Agranye Namaha
235.    OM Gramanye Namaha
236.    OM Shrimate Namaha
237.    OM Nyayaya Namaha
238.    OM Netre Namaha
239.    OM Sameernaaya Namaha
240.    OM SahastraMrudhne Namaha
241.    OM Vishwatmane Namaha
242.    OM Sahastrakshaaya Namaha
243.    OM Sahastrapade Namaha
244.    OM Aavarthanaya Namaha
245.    OM Nivrutthatmane Namaha
246.    OM Sanmruthay Namaha
247.    OM Sampramardanaya Namaha
248.    OM Ahassamvartakaya Namaha
249.    OM Vahniye Namaha
250.    OM Anilaya Namaha
251.    OM Dharanidharaya Namaha
252.    OM Suprasadaya Namaha
253.    OM Prasannatamane Namaha
254.    OM Vishwadhrage Namaha
255.    OM Vishwabhuje Namaha
256.    OM Vibhave Namaha
257.    OM Satkartre Namaha
258.    OM Satkrutaya Namaha
259.    OM Sadhave Namaha
260.    OM Jahannuye Namaha
261.    OM Narayanaya Namaha
262.    OM Naraya Namaha
263.    OM Asankhyeyeya Namaha
264.    OM Aprameyatmane Namaha
265.    OM Vishishtaya Namaha
266.    OM Shuchaye Namaha
267.    OM Siddharthaya Namaha
268.    OM Siddhasankalpaya Namaha
269.    OM Siddhidayah Namaha
270.    OM Siddhisadaanahaya Namaha
271.    OM Vrushahineya Namaha
272.    OM Vrushabhaya Namaha
273.    OM Vishnave Namaha
274.    OM Vrushparvane Namaha
275.    OM Vrushodaraya Namaha
276.    OM Vardhanaya Namaha
277.    OM Vardhamanaya Namaha
278.    OM Vivikthaaya Namaha
279.    OM Shruthisaagaraya Namaha
280.    OM Subusajaaya Namaha
281.    OM Dhurdharaya Namaha
282.    OM Vagmine Namaha
283.    OM Mahendraya Namaha
284.    OM Vasudaya Namaha
285.    OM Vasave Namaha
286.    OM Naikarupaya Namaha
287.    OM Brihadroopaya Namaha
288.    OM Shipivishtaya Namaha
289.    OM Prakashanaya Namaha
290.    OM Ojastejodyuthidharaya Namaha
291.    OM Prakaashatmane Namaha
292.    OM Prataapanaya Namaha
293.    OM Riddhaya Namaha
294.    OM Spashtaksharaya Namaha
295.    OM Mantraya Namaha
296.    OM Chandranshave Namaha
297.    OM Bhaskaradyuthaye Namaha
298.    OM Amritaamsoodbhavaya Namaha
299.    OM Bhanave Namaha
300.    OM Shashabindave Namaha
301.    OM Sureshvaraya Namaha
302.    OM Oshdhaaya Namaha
303.    OM Jagat Setave Namaha
304.    OM Satyadharmaparakramaya Namaha
305.    OM Bhootabhavyabhavannathaya Namaha
306.    OM Pavanaya Namaha
307.    OM Paavanaya Namaha
308.    OM Analaaya Namaha
309.    OM Kaamdhne Namaha
310.    OM Kaamakruthe Namaha
311.    OM Kaanthaya Namaha
312.    OM Kaamaya Namaha
313.    OM Kaamapradaya Namaha
314.    OM Prabhave Namaha
315.    OM Yugadhikruthe Namaha
316.    OM Yugaavarthaya Namaha
317.    OM Naikamayaya Namaha
318.    OM Mahashanaya Namaha
319.    OM Adrishyaya Namaha
320.    OM Vyaktaroopaya Namaha
321.    OM Sahastrajite Namaha
322.    OM Ananthajite Namaha
323.    OM Ishtaya Namaha
324.    OM Vishishtaya Namaha
325.    OM Shishteastaya Namaha
326.    OM Shikandine Namaha
327.    OM Nahushaya Namaha
328.    OM Vrishaya Namaha
329.    OM Krodhgne Namaha
330.    OM Krodhakritkartaa Namaha
331.    OM Vishwabahave Namaha
332.    OM Mahidharaya Namaha
333.    OM Achyuthaya Namaha
334.    OM Prathithaya Namaha
335.    OM Praanaya Namaha
336.    OM Praandaaya Namaha
337.    OM Vaasavanujaya Namaha
338.    OM Apaam Nidhaye Namaha
339.    OM Adhishtaanaya Namaha
340.    OM Apramatthaya Namaha
341.    OM Prathishtataya Namaha
342.    OM Skandaya Namaha
343.    OM Skanda Dharaya Namaha
344.    OM Dhuryaya Namaha
345.    OM Varadhaya Namaha
346.    OM Vaayu Vahanaya Namaha
347.    OM Vasudevaya Namaha
348.    OM Brihatbhaanave Namaha
349.    OM Aadidevaya Namaha
350.    OM Purandaraya Namaha
351.    OM Ashokaya Namaha
352.    OM Taraanaya Namaha
353.    OM Taraya Namaha
354.    OM Shuraya Namaha
355.    OM Shourye Namaha
356.    OM Janeshwaraya Namaha
357.    OM Anukulaya Namaha
358.    OM Shatavarttaya Namaha
359.    OM Padmeene Namaha
360.    OM Padmenebekshanaye Namaha
361.    OM Padmanabhaya Namaha
362.    OM Aravindaakshaaya Namaha
363.    OM Padmagarbhaya Namaha
364.    OM Sareerabhrite Namaha
365.    OM Maharddheye Namaha
366.    OM Shraddhaya Namaha
367.    OM Vriddhatmane Namaha
368.    OM Maha Kshaya Namaha
369.    OM Garudadwajaya Namaha
370.    OM Atulaya Namaha
371.    OM Sharabhaya Namaha
372.    OM Bheemaya Namaha
373.    OM Samayagnaya Namaha
374.    OM Havirharaye Namaha
375.    OM SarvaLakshanalakshanaya Namaha
376.    OM Lakshmivate Namaha
377.    OM Samithinjayaya Namaha
378.    OM Viksharaya Namaha
379.    OM Rohitaya Namaha
380.    OM Maargaya Namaha
381.    OM Hetave Namaha
382.    OM Damodaraya Namaha
383.    OM Sahaya Namaha
384.    OM Mahidharaya Namaha
385.    OM Mahabhagaaya Namaha
386.    OM Vegavathe Namaha
387.    OM Amitaashanaya Namaha
388.    OM Udbhavaya Namaha
389.    OM Kshobanaya Namaha
390.    OM Devaya Namaha
391.    OM Shrigarbaya Namaha
392.    OM Parameshwaraya Namaha
393.    OM Karnaaya Namaha
394.    OM Karatre Namaha
395.    OM Vikaratre Namaha
396.    OM Gahanaya Namaha
397.    OM Guhaya Namaha
398.    OM Vyavasayaya Namaha
399.    OM Vyavasthaanaya Namaha
400.    OM Samsthaanaya Namaha
401.    OM Sthaanadhaya Namaha
402.    OM Dhruvaaya Namaha
403.    OM Pararddhaye Namaha
404.    OM Paramaspastaya Namaha
405.    OM Thustaya Namaha
406.    OM Pushtaya Namaha
407.    OM Subekshanaya Namaha
408.    OM Ramaya Namaha
409.    OM Viramaya Namaha
410.    OM Virjaya Namaha
411.    OM Maargaya Namaha
412.    OM Neyaya Namaha
413.    OM Nyaya Namaha
414.    OM Anyaya Namaha
415.    OM Veeraya Namaha
416.    OM Shaktimataa Shreshtaya Namaha
417.    OM Dharmaya Namaha
418.    OM Dharmaviduttamaaya Namaha
419.    OM Vaikuntaya Namaha
420.    OM Purushaya Namaha
421.    OM Praanaya Namaha
422.    OM Praandaaya Namaha
423.    OM Pranavaaya Namaha
424.    OM Prithve Namaha
425.    OM HiranyaGarbhaya Namaha
426.    OM Shatrugnaaya Namaha
427.    OM Vyaapthaaya Namaha
428.    OM Vaayave Namaha
429.    OM Adhokshajaaya Namaha
430.    OM Rituhve Namaha
431.    OM Sudarshanaaya Namaha
432.    OM Kaalaaya Namaha
433.    OM Paramestine Namaha
434.    OM Parigrahaaya Namaha
435.    OM Ugraaya Namaha
436.    OM Samvatsraaya Namaha
437.    OM Dakshaaya Namaha
438.    OM Vishraamaaya Namaha
439.    OM Vishwadakshinaaya Namaha
440.    OM Visthaaraaya Namaha
441.    OM Sthaavarasthaanave Namaha
442.    OM Pramaanaya Namaha
443.    OM Bijaay Avyayaaya Namaha
444.    OM Arthaaya Namaha
445.    OM Anarthaaya Namaha
446.    OM Mahakoshaaya Namaha
447.    OM Mahabhogaaya Namaha
448.    OM Mahadhanaaya Namaha
449.    OM Anirvinnahaya Namaha
450.    OM Sthavistaaya Namaha
451.    OM Abhuve Namaha
452.    OM Dharmavupaya Namaha
453.    OM Mahamakaaya Namaha
454.    OM Nakshatranemaye Namaha
455.    OM Nakshathrine Namaha
456.    OM Kshamaya Namaha
457.    OM Kshaamaya Namaha
458.    OM Samihanaaya Namaha
459.    OM Yagnaaya Namaha
460.    OM Ijyaaya Namaha
461.    OM Mahejyaaya Namaha
462.    OM Krithave Namaha
463.    OM Satraaya Namaha
464.    OM Sataa Gathaye Namaha
465.    OM Sarvadharshine Namaha
466.    OM Vibhukthatmaane Namaha
467.    OM Sarvagnaya Namaha
468.    OM Jnaanamutthamaaya Namaha
469.    OM Suvrathaaya Namaha
470.    OM Sumukhaaya Namaha
471.    OM Sookshmaaya Namaha
472.    OM Sughoshaaya Namaha
473.    OM Sukhdaaya Namaha
474.    OM Suhridye Namaha
475.    OM Manoharaaya Namaha
476.    OM Jitakrodhaaya Namaha
477.    OM Veerabhaahave Namaha
478.    OM Vidhaarnaaya Namaha
479.    OM Swaapanaaya Namaha
480.    OM Swavashaaya Namaha
481.    OM Vyaapine Namaha
482.    OM Naikaatmane Namaha
483.    OM Naikakarmakrihte Namaha
484.    OM Vatsaraya Namaha
485.    OM Vatsalaaya Namaha
486.    OM Vathsine Namaha
487.    OM Ratnagarbahaya Namaha
488.    OM Dhaneshwaraya Namaha
489.    OM Dharmagupe Namaha
490.    OM DharmaKrihte Namaha
491.    OM Dharmine Namaha
492.    OM Sathe Namaha
493.    OM Asathe Namaha
494.    OM Ksharaaya Namaha
495.    OM Aksharaaya Namaha
496.    OM Avijnaatre Namaha
497.    OM Sahasthraanshve Namaha
498.    OM Vidhaathre Namaha
499.    OM Krihthalakshanaaya Namaha
500.    OM Ghabasthineymaye Namaha
501.    OM Sattvasthaaya Namaha
502.    OM Simhaaya Namaha
503.    OM BhoothaMaheshwaraaya Namaha
504.    OM Aadidevaaya Namaha
505.    OM Mahadevaaya Namaha
506.    OM Deveshaaya Namaha
507.    OM Devbrihadgurave Namaha
508.    OM Uttaraaya Namaha
509.    OM Gopathaye Namaha
510.    OM Gopthre Namaha
511.    OM Jnaanagamyaaya Namaha
512.    OM Puraatanaaya Namaha
513.    OM Shareerabhruthabhruthe Namaha
514.    OM Bhokhthre Namaha
515.    OM Kapeendraya Namaha
516.    OM Bhuridhakshinaaya Namaha
517.    OM Somapaaya Namaha
518.    OM AmruthaPaaya Namaha
519.    OM Somaaya Namaha
520.    OM Purujite Namaha
521.    OM Purusattamaaya Namaha
522.    OM Vinyaaya Namaha
523.    OM Jayaaya Namaha
524.    OM Satyasandhaaya Namaha
525.    OM Daashaahi Namaha
526.    OM Saatvataa Pataye Namaha
527.    OM Jeevaaya Namaha
528.    OM Vinayithasaakshine Namaha
529.    OM Mukundaaya Namaha
530.    OM Amitavikramaaya Namaha
531.    OM Ambhonidhaye Namaha
532.    OM Ananthatmaane Namaha
533.    OM Mahodadhishayaya Namaha
534.    OM Anthakaaya Namaha
535.    OM Ajaaya Namaha
536.    OM Mahahahi Namaha
537.    OM Swabhavyaaya Namaha
538.    OM Jitaamitraaya Namaha
539.    OM Pramodnaaya Namaha
540.    OM Anandaaya Namaha
541.    OM Nandnaaya Namaha
542.    OM Nandaaya Namaha
543.    OM Satyadharmane Namaha
544.    OM Trivikramaaya Namaha
545.    OM Maharshaye Kapilaachaaraya Namaha
546.    OM Krithagnaaya Namaha
547.    OM Medinipataye Namaha
548.    OM Tripadaaya Namaha
549.    OM Tridashaadhyakshaaya Namaha
550.    OM Mahaasringaaya Namaha
551.    OM Kruthaanthkrithe Namaha
552.    OM Mahavaraahaya Namaha
553.    OM Govindaaya Namaha
554.    OM Sushenaaya Namaha
555.    OM Kanakaangadine Namaha
556.    OM Guhyaya Namaha
557.    OM Gabiraaya Namaha
558.    OM Gahanaaya Namaha
559.    OM Guptaaya Namaha
560.    OM Chakragadhaadharaya Namaha
561.    OM Vedhase Namaha
562.    OM Svaanghaaya Namaha
563.    OM Ajitahaya Namaha
564.    OM Krishnaaya Namaha
565.    OM Dridaaya Namaha
566.    OM Sankarshanaaya Achyuthaaya Namaha
567.    OM Varunaaya Namaha
568.    OM Vaarunaaya Namaha
569.    OM Vrukshaaya Namaha
570.    OM Pushkaraakshaaya Namaha
571.    OM Mahamanase Namaha
572.    OM Bhagavate Namaha
573.    OM Bhagaghne Namaha
574.    OM Anandine Namaha
575.    OM Vanamaaline Namaha
576.    OM Halayudhaaya Namaha
577.    OM Aadityaaya Namaha
578.    OM Jyothiraadityaaya Namaha
579.    OM Sahishnave Namaha
580.    OM Gatisattamaaya Namaha
581.    OM Sudhanvane Namaha
582.    OM Khandparashave Namaha
583.    OM Dhaarunaaya Namaha
584.    OM Dravinapradaya Namaha
585.    OM Divasprashe Namaha
586.    OM Sarvadhrikvyaasaya Namaha
587.    OM Vachaspathaye Ayonijaaya Namaha
588.    OM Trisaamne Namaha
589.    OM Saamgaaya Namaha
590.    OM Saamne Namaha
591.    OM Nirvaanaaya Namaha
592.    OM Bheshjaaya Namaha
593.    OM Bhishaje Namaha
594.    OM Sanyaaskrithe Namaha
595.    OM Shamaaya Namaha
596.    OM Shaanthaaya Namaha
597.    OM Nishtaaya Namaha
598.    OM Shaanthye Namaha
599.    OM Parayanaaya Namaha
600.    OM Shubhaangaaya Namaha
601.    OM Shantidaaya Namaha
602.    OM Shthraste Namaha
603.    OM Kumudaaya Namaha
604.    OM Kuvaleshaayaya Namaha
605.    OM Gohithaaya Namaha
606.    OM Gopthaye Namaha
607.    OM Gopthre Namaha
608.    OM Vrushabhakshaaya Namaha
609.    OM Anivarthane Namaha
610.    OM Nivruthaatmaane Namaha
611.    OM Sankshepthre Namaha
612.    OM Kshemakrithe Namaha
613.    OM Shivaaya Namaha
614.    OM Srivatsavakshase Namaha
615.    OM Shrivaasaaya Namaha
616.    OM Shripataye Namaha
617.    OM Shrimataa varaaya Namaha
618.    OM Shridaaya Namaha
619.    OM Shrishaaya Namaha
620.    OM Shrinivaasaaya Namaha
621.    OM Shrinidhaye Namaha
622.    OM Shrivibhaavanaaya Namaha
623.    OM Shridharaaya Namaha
624.    OM Shrikaraaya Namaha
625.    OM Shreyase Namaha
626.    OM Shrimate Namaha
627.    OM Lokthrayaashrayaya Namaha
628.    OM Svakshaaya Namaha
629.    OM Svangaaya Namaha
630.    OM Shataanandaaya Namaha
631.    OM Nandaye Namaha
632.    OM Jyothirganeshwaraya Namaha
633.    OM Vijeetaatmane Namaha
634.    OM Vidheyaatmane Namaha
635.    OM Satkeerthaye Namaha
636.    OM Chinnasanshaayaya Namaha
637.    OM Udheernaaya Namaha
638.    OM Sarvatahchakshushe Namaha
639.    OM Aneeshaaya Namaha
640.    OM Shaashavatsthiraaya Namaha
641.    OM Bhooshyaaya Namaha
642.    OM Bhooshanaaya Namaha
643.    OM Bhootaye Namaha
644.    OM Vishokaaya Namaha
645.    OM Shokanaashanaaya Namaha
646.    OM Archishmate Namaha
647.    OM Archithaaya Namaha
648.    OM Kumbhaaya Namaha
649.    OM Vishuddhaatmane Namaha
650.    OM Vishodhanaaya Namaha
651.    OM Aniruddhaaya Namaha
652.    OM Aprathirathaaya Namaha
653.    OM Pradhyumnaaya Namaha
654.    OM Amitavikramaaya Namaha
655.    OM Kaalneminigne Namaha
656.    OM Veeraaya Namaha
657.    OM Shouraye Namaha
658.    OM Shoorajaneshwaraaya Namaha
659.    OM Trilokaatmane Namaha
660.    OM Trilokeshaaya Namaha
661.    OM Keshavaaya Namaha
662.    OM Keshigne Namaha
663.    OM Haraye Namaha
664.    OM Kaamdevaaya Namaha
665.    OM Kaampaalaya Namaha
666.    OM Kaamine Namaha
667.    OM Kaanthaaya Namaha
668.    OM Krithaagamaaya Namaha
669.    OM Anirdheshyavapushe Namaha
670.    OM Vishnave Namaha
671.    OM Veeraaya Namaha
672.    OM Ananthaaya Namaha
673.    OM Dhananjayaaya Namaha
674.    OM Brahmanyaaya Namaha
675.    OM Brahmakrite Namaha
676.    OM Brahmane Namaha
677.    OM Brahmavivardhanaaya Namaha
678.    OM Brahmavidhe Namaha
679.    OM Brahmanaaya Namaha
680.    OM Brahmine Namaha
681.    OM Brahmajnaaya Namaha
682.    OM Braahmanapriyaaya Namaha
683.    OM Mahakramaaya Namaha
684.    OM Mahakarmane Namaha
685.    OM Mahatejase Namaha
686.    OM Mahorgaaya Namaha
687.    OM Mahakrithave Namaha
688.    OM Mahayajvane Namaha
689.    OM Mahayagnaaya Namaha
690.    OM Mahahavishe Namaha
691.    OM Sthavyaaya Namaha
692.    OM Sthavapriyaaya Namaha
693.    OM Sthothraaya Namaha
694.    OM Sthuthaye Namaha
695.    OM Sthothre Namaha
696.    OM Ranapriyaaya Namaha
697.    OM Poornaaya Namaha
698.    OM Purayithre Namaha
699.    OM Punyaaya Namaha
700.    OM Punyakeerthaye Namaha
701.    OM Anaamayaaya Namaha
702.    OM Manojvaaya Namaha
703.    OM Theerthakaraaya Namaha
704.    OM Vasurethase Namaha
705.    OM Vasupradaaya Namaha
706.    OM Vasupradaaya Namaha
707.    OM Vaasudevaaya Namaha
708.    OM Vasave Namaha
709.    OM Vasumanase Namaha
710.    OM Havishe Namaha
711.    OM Sadgataye Namaha
712.    OM Satkrithaye Namaha
713.    OM Sattaye Namaha
714.    OM Sadbhoothaye Namaha
715.    OM Satparaanaaya Namaha
716.    OM Shoorasenaaya Namaha
717.    OM Yadushrestaaya Namaha
718.    OM Sannivaasaaya Namaha
719.    OM Suyaamunaaya Namaha
720.    OM Bhoothavaasaaya Namaha
721.    OM Vaasudevaaya Namaha
722.    OM Sarvaasunilayaaya Namaha
723.    OM Analaaya Namaha
724.    OM Dharpagne Namaha
725.    OM Dharpadaaya Namaha
726.    OM Dhrupthaaya Namaha
727.    OM Dhurdhraaya Namaha
728.    OM Aparaajitaaya Namaha
729.    OM Vishwamurthaye Namaha
730.    OM Mahaamurthaye Namaha
731.    OM Deepthamurthaye Namaha
732.    OM Amoorthimate Namaha
733.    OM Anekamurthaye Namaha
734.    OM Avyakthaaya Namaha
735.    OM Shathamurthaye Namaha
736.    OM Shataananaaya Namaha
737.    OM Ekaaya Namaha
738.    OM Naukaaya Namaha
739.    OM Savaaya Namaha
740.    OM Kaaya Namaha
741.    OM Kasme Namaha
742.    OM Yasme Namaha
743.    OM Tasme Namaha
744.    OM Padamanuttamaaya Namaha
745.    OM Lokabandhave Namaha
746.    OM Lokanaathaaya Namaha
747.    OM Maadhavaaya Namaha
748.    OM Bhakthavatsalaaya Namaha
749.    OM Suvarnavarnaaya Namaha
750.    OM Hemaangaaya Namaha
751.    OM Varaangaaya Namaha
752.    OM Chandanaangadine Namaha
753.    OM Veeragne Namaha
754.    OM Vishamaaya Namaha
755.    OM Shoonyaaya Namaha
756.    OM Dhoothashishe Namaha
757.    OM Achalaaya Namaha
758.    OM Chalaaya Namaha
759.    OM Amaanine Namaha
760.    OM Maanadaaya Namaha
761.    OM Maanyaaya Namaha
762.    OM Lokaswaamine Namaha
763.    OM Trilokadhrige Namaha
764.    OM Sumedhase Namaha
765.    OM Medhajaaya Namaha
766.    OM Dhanyaaya Namaha
767.    OM Satyamedhase Namaha
768.    OM Dharadharaaya Namaha
769.    OM Tejovrishaaya Namaha
770.    OM Dhyuthidharaaya Namaha
771.    OM Sarvashashtrabrihtaa Varaaya Namaha
772.    OM Pragrahaaya Namaha
773.    OM Nigrahaaya Namaha
774.    OM Vyagraaya Namaha
775.    OM Naikashringaaya Namaha
776.    OM Gadagrijaaya Namaha
777.    OM Chathurmurthaye Namaha
778.    OM Chathurbahive Namaha
779.    OM Chathuvyuhaaya Namaha
780.    OM Chathurgathaye Namaha
781.    OM Chathuraatmane Namaha
782.    OM Chathurbhaavaaya Namaha
783.    OM Chathurvedavidhe Namaha
784.    OM Ekapade Namaha
785.    OM Samaavarthaaya Namaha
786.    OM Nivrutthaatmane Namaha
787.    OM Dhurjyaaya Namaha
788.    OM Dhurathikramaaya Namaha
789.    OM Dhurlabhaaya Namaha
790.    OM Durgamaaya Namaha
791.    OM Durgaaya Namaha
792.    OM Duraavaasaaya Namaha
793.    OM Duraarigne Namaha
794.    OM Shubhaangaaya Namaha
795.    OM Lokasaaraangaaya Namaha
796.    OM Sutantave Namaha
797.    OM Thanthuvardhanaaya Namaha
798.    OM Indrakarmane Namaha
799.    OM Mahakarmane Namaha
800.    OM Krithakarmane Namaha
801.    OM Krithaagamaaya Namaha
802.    OM Udhbhavaaya Namaha
803.    OM Sundaraaya Namaha
804.    OM Sundhaaya Namaha
805.    OM Ratnanaabhaaya Namaha
806.    OM Sulochanaaya Namaha
807.    OM Arkaaya Namaha
808.    OM Vaajasanaaya Namaha
809.    OM Shringane Namaha
810.    OM Jayanthaaya Namaha
811.    OM Sarvavijjaine Namaha
812.    OM Suvarnabindave Namaha
813.    OM Akshobhyaaya Namaha
814.    OM Sarvavaagheeshwareshwaraaya Namaha
815.    OM Mahaahrudaaya Namaha
816.    OM Mahagarthaaya Namaha
817.    OM Mahabhuthaaya Namaha
818.    OM Mahanidhaye Namaha
819.    OM Kumudaaya Namaha
820.    OM Kundaraaya Namaha
821.    OM Kundaaya Namaha
822.    OM Purjanyaaya Namaha
823.    OM Paavanaaya Namaha
824.    OM Anilaaya Namaha
825.    OM Amruthaanshaaya Namaha
826.    OM Amruthavapushe Namaha
827.    OM Sarvagnaaya Namaha
828.    OM Sarvathomukhaaya Namaha
829.    OM Sulabhaaya Namaha
830.    OM Suvrathaaya Namaha
831.    OM Siddhaaya Namaha
832.    OM Shathrujite Namaha
833.    OM Shathrutaapnaaya Namaha
834.    OM Nyagrodhaaya Namaha
835.    OM Udumbraaya Namaha
836.    OM Ashwatthaaya Namaha
837.    OM Chaanuraandranishudanaaya Namaha
838.    OM Sahasthraarchishe Namaha
839.    OM Sapthajeevaaya Namaha
840.    OM Sapthedhase Namaha
841.    OM Sapthavaahanaaya Namaha
842.    OM Amrurthaye Namaha
843.    OM Anaghaaya Namaha
844.    OM Achintyaaya Namaha
845.    OM Bhayakrihthe Namaha
846.    OM Bhayanaashanaaya Namaha
847.    OM Anave Namaha
848.    OM Brihathe Namaha
849.    OM Krishaaya Namaha
850.    OM Stholaaya Namaha
851.    OM Grinabhruthe Namaha
852.    OM Nirgunaaya Namaha
853.    OM Mahathe Namaha
854.    OM Adhrathaaya Namaha
855.    OM Swadhrathaaya Namaha
856.    OM Swaasyaaya Namaha
857.    OM Praagvanshaaya Namaha
858.    OM Vanshvardhanaya Namaha
859.    OM Bhaarabhrithe Namaha
860.    OM Kathithaaya Namaha
861.    OM Yogine Namaha
862.    OM Yogeeshaaya Namaha
863.    OM Sarvakaamadaaya Namaha
864.    OM Aashramaaya Namaha
865.    OM Shramanaaya Namaha
866.    OM Kshaamaaya Namaha
867.    OM Suparnaaya Namaha
868.    OM Vaayuvaahanaaya Namaha
869.    OM Dhanurdharaaya Namaha
870.    OM Dhanurvedaaya Namaha
871.    OM Dhandaaya Namaha
872.    OM Dhamayithre Namaha
873.    OM Dhamaaya Namaha
874.    OM Aparaajitaaya Namaha
875.    OM Sarvasahaaya Namaha
876.    OM Aniyanthre Namaha
877.    OM Aniyamaaya Namaha
878.    OM Ayamaaya Namaha
879.    OM Sattvavathe Namaha
880.    OM Sattvikaaya Namaha
881.    OM Sathyaaya Namaha
882.    OM Sathyadharmaparaayanaaya Namaha
883.    OM Abhipraayaaya Namaha
884.    OM Priyaarahaaya Namaha
885.    OM Arahaaya Namaha
886.    OM Prahikrihthe Namaha
887.    OM Preetivardhanaaya Namaha
888.    OM Vihaayasagathaaye Namaha
889.    OM Jyothishe Namaha
890.    OM Suruchaye Namaha
891.    OM Huthabhuje Namaha
892.    OM Vibhave Namaha
893.    OM Ravaye Namaha
894.    OM Virochanaaya Namaha
895.    OM Sooryaaya Namaha
896.    OM Savithre Namaha
897.    OM Ravilochanaaya Namaha
898.    OM Ananthaaya Namaha
899.    OM Huthabhuje Namaha
900.    OM Bhokthre Namaha
901.    OM Sukhdaaya Namaha
902.    OM Naikajaaya Namaha
903.    OM Agrajaaya Namaha
904.    OM Anirvinnaaya Namaha
905.    OM Sadamarshine Namaha
906.    OM Lokaadhishtaanaaya Namaha
907.    OM Adhbhuthaaya Namaha
908.    OM Sanaath Namaha
909.    OM Sanaathanathamaaya Namaha
910.    OM Kapilaaya Namaha
911.    OM Kapaye Namaha
912.    OM Apyayaaya Namaha
913.    OM Swasthidaaya Namaha
914.    OM Swasthikrihthe Namaha
915.    OM Swasthibhuje Namaha
916.    OM Swasthidhakshinaaya Namaha
917.    OM Aroudhraaya Namaha
918.    OM Kundaline Namaha
919.    OM Chakrine Namaha
920.    OM Vikramine Namaha
921.    OM Uoorjithashaasanaaya Namaha
922.    OM Shabdaathigaaya Namaha
923.    OM Shabdasahaaya Namaha
924.    OM Shishiraaya Namaha
925.    OM Sharvarikaraaya Namaha
926.    OM Akrooraaya Namaha
927.    OM Peshlaaya Namaha
928.    OM Dhakshaaya Namaha
929.    OM Dakshinaaya Namaha
930.    OM Kshaminaa Varaaya Namaha
931.    OM Viduttamaaya Namaha
932.    OM Veethabhayaaya Namaha
933.    OM Punya Shravanakeerthanaaya Namaha
934.    OM Uttaaranaaya Namaha
935.    OM Dushkrithigne Namaha
936.    OM Punyaaya Namaha
937.    OM Duswapnanaashanaaya Namaha
938.    OM Veeragne Namaha
939.    OM Rakshanaaya Namaha
940.    OM Sadbhayo Namaha
941.    OM Jeevanaaya Namaha
942.    OM Paryavasthithaaya Namaha
943.    OM Anantharoopaaya Namaha
944.    OM Ananthashriye Namaha
945.    OM Jitamanyave Namaha
946.    OM Bhayaapahaaya Namaha
947.    OM Chatursthraaya Namaha
948.    OM Gabeeraatmane Namaha
949.    OM Videeshaaya Namaha
950.    OM Vyaadhishaaya Namaha
951.    OM Dishaaya Namaha
952.    OM Anaadaye Namaha
953.    OM Bhurbhuvaaya Namaha
954.    OM Lakshmye Namaha
955.    OM Suviraaya Namaha
956.    OM Ruchiraangdaaya Namaha
957.    OM Jananaaya Namaha
958.    OM Janajanmaadaye Namaha
959.    OM Bheemaya Namaha
960.    OM Bheemaparaakramaaya Namaha
961.    OM Aadhaarnilayaaya Namaha
962.    OM Adhaathre Namaha
963.    OM Pushpahaasaaya Namaha
964.    OM Prajaagaraaya Namaha
965.    OM Oordhvagaaya Namaha
966.    OM Satpathaachaaraaya Namaha
967.    OM Praanadaaya Namaha
968.    OM Pranavaaya Namaha
969.    OM Pranaaya Namaha
970.    OM Pramaanaaya Namaha
971.    OM Praananilayaaya Namaha
972.    OM Praanabhrihthe Namaha
973.    OM Praanajeevanaaya Namaha
974.    OM Tattvaaya Namaha
975.    OM Tattvavidhe Namaha
976.    OM Ekaatmane Namaha
977.    OM Janma mruthyu jaraathigaaya Namaha
978.    OM Bhoorbhuva swastharave Namaha
979.    OM Taaraaya Namaha
980.    OM Savithre Namaha
981.    OM Prapithaamahaaya Namaha
982.    OM Yagnaaya Namaha
983.    OM Yagnapathaye Namaha
984.    OM Yajvane Namaha
985.    OM Yagnaangaaya Namaha
986.    OM Yagnavaahaanaaya Namaha
987.    OM Yagnabrihthe Namaha
988.    OM Yagnakrihthe Namaha
989.    OM Yagnine Namaha
990.    OM Yagnabhuje Namaha
991.    OM Yagnasaadhanaaya Namaha
992.    OM Yagnaanthakrihthe Namaha
993.    OM Yagnaguhyaaya Namaha
994.    OM Annaaya Namaha
995.    OM Annaadaaya Namaha
996.    OM Aatmayonaye Namaha
997.    OM Swayamjaataaya Namaha
998.    OM Vaikhaanaaya Namaha
999.    OM Saamagaayanaaya Namaha
1000.    OM Devaki Nandanaaya Namaha
1001.    OM Sthraste Namaha
1002.    OM Kshithishaaya Namaha
1003.    OM Paapanaashanaaya Namaha
1004.    OM Samkhabrihthe Namaha
1005.    OM Nandakine Namaha
1006.    OM Chakrine Namaha
1007.    OM Saaranga Dhanvane Namaha
1008.    OM Gadhaadharaaya Namaha
1009.    OM Rathaangapaanaye Namaha
1010.    OM Akshobhyaaya Namaha
1011.    OM Sarvapraharanaayudhaaya Namaha

OM Sarvapraharanaayudhaaya Namaha

||  Ithi ShriVishnuSahasranaamavali Samaaptha  ||