Monday, July 26, 2010

Other Names of Lord Vishnu


||  Names of Lord Vishnu  with Meaning || 

    • Adidev                       The lord of the all lords
    • Aditya                        The son of Aditi
    • Aparajeet                  The lord who cannot be defeated
    • Anandsagar              Merciful Lord
    • Balgopal                    The child Krishna, will full of all attraction
    • Bali                             The lord of power and strength
    • Chaturbhuj                 Having Four-armed lord
    • Danavendra              Granter of blessings and boons
    • Dayalu                        Repository of pity or compassion
    • Dayanidhi                  The compassionate lord
    • Dharmadhyaksha     The lord of dharma
    • Gopal                         One who plays with the cowherds, the gopas
    • Govinda                     One who pleases the entire nature including the land, cows
    • Hari                            The lord of nature
    • Hrishikesh                 The lord of all senses
    • Jagannath                  Lord of the universe
    • Janardhana               One who bestows boons on one and all
    • Jyotiraaditya              The resplendence of the Sun
    • Kamalnath                 The lord of goddess Lakshmi-Her better half
    • Kamalnayan              The lord with lotus shaped eyes
    • Keshava                    One who has long, black matted locks
    • Krishna                      Dark-skinned lord
    • Lokadhyaksha          Lord of all the three Lokas
    • Madhava                   God filled with Knowledge or repository of knowledge
    • Madhusudan             Slayer of demon named Madhu
    • Manmohan                All pleasing and attractive lord
    • Manohar                    Beautiful lord
    • Mayur                         The lord who has a peacock feathered-crest
    • Murali                         The lord who play pleasing flute
    • Murlidhar                   One who holds the flute
    • Nandgopala              The son of Nand
    • Narayana                   The refuge of everyone
    • Niranjana                   The unblemished lord
    • Padmahasta             One who has hands like lotus
    • Padmanabha            The lord who has a lotus shaped navel (belly button)
    • Paramatma               Lord of all beings
    • Parthasarthi              Charioteer of Partha - Arjuna
    • Purshottam               The supreme-sovereign soul
    • Shyam                       Dark-complexioned lord
    • Shyamsundara         Lord of the beautiful evenings
    • Sudarshana              Handsome and well-favored lord
    • Upendra                    Brother of Indra
    • Vaikunthanatha         Lord of Vaikuntha
    • Vasudev                    All prevailing lord
    • Vishnu                        All prevailing lord
    • Vishwatma                Soul of the universe
    • Yadavendra               King of the Yadav clan (group, tribe)
    • Yogi                            The supreme master
    • Yoginampati              Lord of the Yogis

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  1. beautiful names and sounds of the universe itself