Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lord Brahma Is Not Considered As God In Hinduism But As A Creation Of God

Hindu Lord Brahma - A Creation Of God

The Hindu God of creation, God Brahma is among the three Gods that form the Tridev, Trimurti or the Holy Trinity, the other two gods being God Vishnu and God Shiva. In Sanskrit, the word Brahma means masculine Brahman. In Puranas Lord Brahma has been described as self-born, when they depict the story of Brahma’s birth from the lotus flower in the navel of Lord Vishnu at the foundation of the universe.

Hindu God Brahma has got the other name as Kanja - water born and the legend according to Purana is there behind this name. It is said that he was born in water. That seed was turned into the golden egg and later into the entire Universe of Lord Brahma.

According to legend,  Brahma have created eleven Prajapatis named
Pulaha and

These all are considered to be the fathers of human race.

Lord Brahma also created the Saptarshi or the seven great sages as the aim was to aid Him in the process of creation of the universe.

These all sages were referred to as "Manas Putras" as they took birth from the mind of Brahma.

Hindu Goddess Saraswati, is said to be as goddess of learning, and the consort(wife) of Brahma.


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  3. well brahma is considered as important god ,part of the trinity but since he uttered a big lie once he got cursed by shiva that no temples would be dedicated to him or no prayers uttered to him.there is only 1 special temple for brahma in pushkar ,rajasthan.

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