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Hindu God Brahma's Appearance

Hindu God Brahma's Appearance

  • Lord Brahma wears red clothes
  • Pictured with four heads, four faces and four arms
  • Sometimes pictured with a white beard
  • God Brahma holds no weapons
  • One of his hands holds a scepter in the form of a spoon
  • Holds a string of prayer beads
  • He holds a Vedas and also sometimes a lotus flower


  • The Rosary is a symbol that was used in the process of creation.
  • The Book is a symbol of knowledge.
  • Gold is a symbol of the golden face of Brahma proves that he is involved in the process of creating the Universe.
  • The Swan is a symbol grace and decrement;he uses a swan as his vehicle.
  • The Lotus flower is a symbol nature and the living of all things being in the universe.
  • The Beard is a symbol for wisdom and the process of creation.
  • The Four Faces is a symbol for the four Vedas;The Vedas is a Symbol of his four faces, heads and arms.

In short we can mean:

The Four Faces – The four Vedas (Ŗk, Sāma, Yajuh and Atharva).

The Four Hands – Brahmā's four arms represent the four cardinal directions: east, south, west, and north. The back right hand represents mind, the back left hand represents intellect, the front right hand is ego, and the front left hand is self-confidence.

The Prayer beads – Symbolize the substances used in the process of creation.

The Book – The book symbolizes knowledge.

The Gold – Gold symbolizes activity; the golden face of Brahma indicates that He is actively involved in the process of creating the Universe.

The Swan – The swan is the symbol of grace and discernment. Brahma uses the swan as his vāhana, or his carrier or vehicle.

The Crown – Lord Brahma's crown indicates his supreme authority.

The Lotus – The lotus symbolizes nature and the living essence of all things and beings in the Universe.

The Beard – Brahmā's black or white beard denotes wisdom and the eternal process of creation.

The Vedas Symbolises his four faces, heads and arms


At the beginning of time Vishnu and Brahma came to a huge Shiva linga and set to find its beginning and end. Vishnu taking the form of a boar digging down into the earth while Brahma taking form of a swan began flying up. However neither can find the beginning or end. Vishnu found Shiva and bowed down to him. Brahma did not give up so easily as he was flying up he saw a ketaki flower, Shiva’s favorite flower. He ask the flower to lie about Brahma’s discovery about Shiva’s beginning. When Brahma told his tale to Shiva, he was angered by this. Shiva then cursed him that no one will ever worship him.


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